Tommy needs to pass History.

We’ve been getting e-mails from the aide who spies on Tommy to monitor his behavior in classes. She expressed concerns that the History teacher was unhappy with Tommy’s failure to take notes and his tendency to read during class. I started asking for an m-team to meet the teacher and figure out how a child who LOVES history could prove that he was learning the material since he seemed to be doing poorly on quizzes. I was hoping for weekly oral tests but expecting a fight from the coach who was stuck teaching history. Monday and Tuesday brought notes of complaint from the aide but no word on an m-team. Today, Tommy walked in and explained that his class average is 93. Being a parent is like being stuck on a roller coaster that never ends. Up, down, round and round. I’d like to spend some time sitting in the “It’s a Small World” boat for a while.

One thought on “Tommy needs to pass History.

  1. Wait… how can he be doing poorly on quizzes and have a 93 average in the class. Sounds like something is not fitting together properly here.

    Sounds to me, like Tommy is well ahead of the pace the teacher is going, and gets bored with the teachings that he already understands. (I did this in U.S. History in High School as well)

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