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Have you seen the commercial with the small child giggling joyfully from his carseat while the car goes through a car wash? It’s a lie, I tell you, a lie. Either they blue screened that car wash into the picture or they have that child so hopped up on cotton candy that he would fail a sobriety test. In real life that child would be shrieking in terror while the pressure washers from make terrible noises against the car and the parents try unsuccessfully to comfort, entertain and distract their traumatized child. Of course, I’m just speaking hypothetically. I would never do such a stupid thing.

6 thoughts on “car wash

  1. We did the car wash thing a few weeks ago (new car, gotta keep it clean so it goes faster). Pigpen was a little apprehensive (he flees from the vacuum cleaner), but it turned out to be a generally good thing. Which is good, cuz I’m lazy.

  2. When Jeni was a nanny for Will we’d use the car wash as a distraction all the time. He loved and chance to go through the car wash. Maybe Doug has traumatized the kids with threats of opening the windows and giving the kids a bath…

  3. We use the car wash all the time with as much salt as they use up here. Anyway, the kids love it. IfI go without them they get mad. We’ve even gone through with Elizabeth and it didn’t seem to bother her at all.

  4. My kids are just weird. We make up stories (and have ever since they were wee ones) about the “octopus” that attacks the ship and the octo-slayer hits him with hot wax, paralyzing his slimy tentacles, thus saving the family from sure disaster. (Or some such weird story).

    And when they were babies, they slept through the carwashing. Odd.

  5. whats the name of the song playing in the backround of the commercial ? I cant find it anywhere.

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