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How did people make 5 hour drives before XM radio? Why did we torment ourselves our children by making this trip without a DVD player?

When seeing people you haven’t seen for many, many years, the process works something like this:

You look at a woman approaching you and know that you should know who she is. While cursing the people in the front room who revealed your identity to her when there is nobody whispering in your ear who everyone is as they walk in the door, you see something in the forgotten face’s eyes or a dimple on her cheek. You can see her as she was 20 years ago, but her name just won’t come to the tip of your tongue until at the last possible second, something finally clicks in your brain and your know her name, her parents and her relationship to you. You both smile and embrace and memories swirl around you so thick that you can smell and taste them.

You look at a man approaching you and know that you should know who he is. You look closely at his face and despite the color or sparsity of his hair, you almost immediately remember him because his features haven’t really changed at all.

Is that fair?

2 thoughts on “random scattered thoughts

  1. To me “Over the Road” Truckers are the only people I actually understand having Sattelite Radio, for exactly the reason you mention… the long haul. Although now with the subscription web sites where you can download as much and as many songs as you want for a subscription fee, even that reason seems to be fading into the sunset (along with Sirius and XM’s stock price).

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