shut up about your toe already

Dr. C: “Well, at least the bone chip isn’t floating in the wrong place.”
Me: “Um, yay?”

Nurse: “I think a broken toe has to be one of the most uncomfortable things ever.”
Me: “Ummm.” (thinking about childbirth, my mother’s knee replacements, my grandfather’s cancer, etc.)
Nurse: “Well, I guess there are things that are worse, but nothing hurts like a toe.”

Doug: “What did the doctor say?”
Me: “He said to stay off my foot.”
Doug: “Bwa-ha-ha-ha!”

Noah: “What did the doctor say?”
Me: “He said my big toe is broken.”
Noah: “Again? There’s always something wrong with your feet.”

One thought on “shut up about your toe already

  1. oh Cathy! I know how it feels. My elbow is still chipped from January and of course everyone in the house seems to think Mom’s invincible.

    I’d say stay off it, but we both know how well that will go.

    Kids – time to pony up and play doctor! (Or slave.)

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