you can’t fix toes

Just to confirm the “klutzy” part of my obituary, I tripped over a black dog (Molly) in an unlit hallway last night while doing the evening rituals (put out the morning clothes, straighten the bedrooms, talk to each child, etc.). Poor Molly cushioned the weight of my body falling, but my foot slammed hard onto the wood floor. It felt like my big toe retracted into my foot from the force and weight. I sat on the floor and moaned for a bit. I tried walking, but the pain was too severe at that moment. Doug rescued me (poor, poor Doug) and abused me with ice cubes (cruel Doug). Today my toe is puffy, stiff and sore. If I limp around for more than a few minutes, it throbs. At least this gives me an excuse to soak in the bathtub.

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