Amy says

One day last week, I asked Sarah to make Amy’s bed. Sarah thought she would be funny and spread half a dozen blankets out on Amy’s bed. “It looks like a princess bed now.” Amy tilted her head and squinted her eyes at Sarah. I chimed in with “You’ll be just like ‘The Princess and the Pea’. See if you can find the pea.” Amy was insulted. “I do NOT pee in my bed.” In Amy’s defense, she has had dry nights since she turned four. I tried explaining the difference between pee and pea. Amy listened intently as Sarah and I both tried telling the story of the delicate Princess who wouldn’t tolerate a tiny lump in her bed. In the end, Amy learned a new story, Sarah learned 4-y-o’s are as literal as brothers with Asperger’s and I got to re-wash every last sheet and blanket on Amy’s bed.

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