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I have received two responses from school board members this morning. One basically said he is voting for it and the other pretty much implied she that she’ll vote for it if they add a grandfather clause. Further proof that the “public input” on May 2nd doesn’t matter to the school board at all. They are going to do what they want, regardless of what the majority of Knoxville parents want. I won’t post the letters, but I will forward them to anyone interested. I still haven’t heard from the school board member who isn’t affected by the new zones, even though every neighborhood around hers is affected.

Interim Superintendent Roy Mullins said the outcry over the rezoning should dissipate once the school board adopts a plan.” Political translation: ‘We’re going to pass this no matter what any of you say. You’ll bend over and take it.’ Spoken like a man who knows his job is temporary.

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  1. Oh, no I think he fully wants to make it permanent. .(I have no real basis for that comment other than the experience with other superintendents).

    They seem to be a breed of I will tell you what I want done with your kids regardless of what you care about.

    I would post the letters. I would mail them with a response to the local papers. I would highlight the hell out of them, copy them and put them up in store windows around the area.

    Truth is too many people overlook these issues and really aren’t paying attention, until it is too late. And the School Board depends on that willful ignorance.

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