college auditions

After a week of tryouts, Sarah made the Bearden High flag team. It is going to cost a small fortune to participate. She is going to be involved in flags and several other school activities (definitely the school newspaper) for her entire high school career. She is also going to finish her Girl Scout Silver Award project this summer and earn her Girl Scout Gold Award over the next few years. She is being inducted into the Honor Society next week (the day before she leaves for the Student Council trip to D.C.) and that will require a certain number of community service hours every year. On top of all this, we keep in the back of our minds the fact that our local university’s incoming freshmen this past year had a minimum 3.5 GPA. High school is no longer four years of friends and fun, it is now a four year college audition. Telling my child to transfer mid-audition because a lot of people want to live in Farragut and have their children attend their excellent schools could have a very negative affect on her ability to have a transcript worthy of college admission with a scholarship.

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