keeping track of your elected officials

Step #1 – Visit websites like this and this to create a master list of your elected representatives in government and education.
Step #2 – Make a three column document in the word processing software of your choice.
Step #3 – Put names in the middle column.
Step #4 – Officials who would have to cure cancer or create world peace to change your opinion of them can be put in the NO column.
Step #5 – Size page to fit your planner and glue it into your planner or stick it in a page protector in your planner.
Step #6 – Whenever an official makes a decision that you find particularly excellent or horrible, draw a small arrow or make a tally mark in the appropriate column.
Step #7 – Just before an election, review your scorecard.
Step #8 – If someone has no marks, they probably spent their term blending into the woodwork. Consider a different candidate.
Step #9 – Take it with you when you actually GO VOTE.
Step #10 – Return to step #1.

One thought on “keeping track of your elected officials

  1. Know Your Government Officials, the most complete list of our local, state, and national elected officials and all their contact info is found at the League of Women Voters of Knoxville/Knox County website: You can print the pdf file. Please let others know.

    You can receive our newsletter for three months at no cost by sending a note to the address at the bottom of the page.

    We are co-sponsoring a candidate training in June.

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