one week until a vote

Monday night we all went to Noah’s Boy Scout meeting so that Amy and Evan could play on the playground. While there, I heard twice, “I saw your names on flyers about the re-zonings.” I’m not sure how that happened, but that’s okay. This afternoon we went to Amy’s parent-teacher conference. “I just got your names in an e-mail about the re-zoning meetings.” Okey-dokey. We are now forever connected to the re-zoning process even though most Knoxvillians haven’t really studied the new zoning maps and don’t understand that this isn’t just a “favorite school” issue. In the next few days, the school board is going to offer a dated sibling grandfathering clause. I’m tired and I’m frustrated but if there’s anything I’ve learned from having a special needs child, it’s to persevere.

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