Rezoning vote tomorrow

Saturday night, Doug and I left ALL the children with their grandparents (candidates for sainthood) and went out for a quick dinner. I needed an hour of calm and we had a Macaroni Grill gift card that we’ve been saving for a night together. We both agreed that we would not talk about schools or school zones. We broke that rule no less than a half a dozen time during our one hour without interruptions. I don’t know how Mullins expects us to just “get over it” on Wednesday.

Last night, Doug went to the school board meeting and I stayed home to manage the control center. As children came and went from evening activities (Boy Scouts, Student Council, playing with neighbors), I watched the school board meeting on television. I have been to a lot of meetings and I have never seen people giggle and chat directly behind the person speaking, especially when there is a camera focused on the speaker. I know last night’s meeting was long, but the Superintendent sleeping through the parent comments was quite unprofessional. I have my fingers crossed that one of the eloquent, involved parents who spoke last night will run for school board in our district. Our district doesn’t have a Cindy Buttry, Robert Bratton or Indya Kincannon carefully weighing all the information. On a seemingly unrelated note (but actually quite relevant), I will be doing the publicity for Bearden High School’s PTO next year. I’m very excited. Let’s see how many different students, teachers and activities I can get noticed by the local media. Never mind. The morning after the vote and one hour before the PTO meeting I was called and told that they found someone else to fill the position. I am still welcome to work a shift sitting at the information desk.

3 thoughts on “Rezoning vote tomorrow

  1. Part of our effort to improve schools, should be to encourage candidates to run. But they need a support system and a mentor. Do any formal programs like that exist? If anyone is interested in running, they need to start attending all the school board meetings or watching them on TV. It takes awhile to get up to speed on the issues and personalities.

  2. In less than two weeks I got a pretty good idea of the different school board personalities. I did make a list of names last night and plan to tell several people they would make excellent school board reps.

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