too quiet

After dropping off one child at karate and another child at a SibShop, we took three children to the grandparents’ house last night. The rest of the night was calm and quiet. Too quiet. After a few hours with no noise, we settled in to watch a movie. Doug promptly fell asleep and I watched Stranger Than Fiction by myself. Cute movie. The rest of the night I kept finding myself reaching for Evan in his little spot between Doug and I on the bed. I had to remind myself where the children were about a thousand times. This morning Doug and I wandered around the house confused without the children to focus our day. I did take the first solo bath I have had in a few months. Nobody threw toys at me or squirted me with shampoo. Now I’m restless and antsy. I want to get out of the house. Doug did some spackling in the bedroom and now he looks like he wants to take a nap. Maybe I’ll just head out anyway. We are hoping the weather allows us to spend tomorrow in the mountains. Cross your fingers.

Update: Did two loads of laundry, swept upstairs and cleaned the car in and out. Bought a few groceries. Picked up the three boys. My Mother had made a strawberry cake (my favorite) and Sarah had decorated it. Got Noah’s hair cut. Five minutes before 9 p.m. Doug asked me if I wanted to get anything for myself. Went home and bathed the youngest two boys. Trimmed their nails (ew) and got them jammied. I’m still hoping for a relaxing day in the mountains tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “too quiet

  1. A little birdie whispered in my ear that today is a special day for you. Hope it’s a good one!

    (What birdie is that, you ask? You know … Hippo birdies two ewes!)

    Love ya, girlfriend … have an awesome day!

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