parenting styles ponderings

I wouldn’t hire an employee over the age of 18 with a helicopter parent. Would you? That is one of the reasons I am having such a hard time with Tommy getting a job for the summer. If he is mature enough to have a job, he has to be mature enough to handle it without my involvement. I can’t find the job for him and I won’t call work to make excuses for him. What about college students with helicopter parents? Would you interfere with your adult child’s college career? I have a LOT of problems with Noah’s treatment at school, but I know that the grade he is given is the grade HE earned. He doesn’t have to agree with or like the rules and expectations of the class, but if he doesn’t follow them, he will suffer the consequences. Sarah makes straight A’s because of HER hard work. If any of my children fail a class, it is a failure that they earned. It is not my fault, the teacher’s fault or the alignment of the stars.

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