but they’re my favorite pants

Children frequently become attached to a specific piece of clothing and attempt to wear it daily. Except for Evan’s obsessive love for his crocs, I have always insisted that the same thing can’t be worn two consecutive days. When I hear stories about parents who wash the same piece of clothing nightly I mentally count my blessings that it’s them and not me. When it’s your spouse that becomes infatuated with a piece of clothing, it completely throws you off your game. I always tease Doug about being on the autistic spectrum even though I know it’s really just his OCD that explains some of his unusual behaviors. I may be seen in the same outfits frequently, but that’s because I don’t have that many clothing choices and I NEVER wear the same thing two days straight. I’m just embarrassed that it took me several weeks to come up with the solution of putting the “favorite pants” in the washer every night and not drying them until the next day. At least that keeps the pants from being worn two days in a row.

5 thoughts on “but they’re my favorite pants

  1. I always wear the same pair of pants for more than one day. I figure I’m not out playing football or running cross country in them. If I just sit at a desk, I don’t think they get so dirty that they need to be washed after one wear. Plus, washing them wears them out quicker.

  2. I will often wear a pair of pants and then hang them for another day. Though sometimes I too will wear them two days in a row. Mostly becasue I usually find a pair of jeans I like and buy two more so who would know the difference anyway. Though I won’t wear the same shirt two days in a row.

  3. I wouldn’t wear anything two days in a row if I thought it was noticeable – eg a shirt. But pants are pants. I have several pairs that are the same, so why change them each day, esp if they’re not dirty?

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