I’m not a cool mom

Jack plays floor hockey, gets kick ball tutoring, plays on a baton twirling team, enters rock-paper-scissors tournaments, has trapeze lessons, goes to hand ball class, takes boomerang lessons, has kite flying lessons, goes to dodge ball tutoring, plays shuffle board, attends baton twirling classes, has Tai Chi classes, goes to needlepoint classes, takes pottery classes, has snorkeling lessons, gets hopscotch lessons, attends scuba classes, plays on a soccer team, goes to pilates classes, takes polka lessons, gets bobsledding lessons, goes pole vaulting and has ping pong lessons. He even has a super cool clubhouse. My children get kicked off computers and sent outside to breathe the fresh air. Everyone except Evan. I have to force him to come back into the house. I’m so evil. I think this would redeem me a teeny bit in Evan’s eyes. Maybe not, but at least Doug would think it’s cool.

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