how to get rid of pokemon cards

During the once a year three-piling of rooms, put all the pokemon (or whatever item is no longer used and just takes up space) stuff in a large ziploc. Pack away in garage. After one year, pull out the bag of pokemon. Child will probably okay the bag for Goodwill. If not, put bag away in garage until child’s wedding. Give to child and new spouse at that time and let spouse throw the bag in the trash.

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  1. Your dad was going to get rid of some UT books of some sort. Matt found out and has asked for them. Your dad tried to get me to take them last time I was down there. This time I am sure they will come home with us since I don’t have the excuse of, “I don’t have room. I need room for all the plants I’m taking back home.” There are so many things I would love to get rid of but in some way Matt is like a 14 year old girl. 😉

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