Jefferson Airplane/Starship is. . .

Love songs, name changes and a concert in the UT Martin smells-like-a-horse arena. When you go from Woodstock to small town Martin, TN, I think it’s time to retire your music career.

Artists from Woodstock who I’ve seen in concert: Starship, The Who (Atlanta) and John Sebastian (Mud Island).

One thought on “Jefferson Airplane/Starship is. . .

  1. There was this guy who worked at my office briefly, and one day he said “I finally figured out who sang We Built This City …” and I’m, of course, thinking “Is this some big mystery,” but then he finished his thought by saying, “…Journey!” I said, “Uh, no, it was Starship.” After asking if I was sure, and maybe Starship remade it, I simply ended the conversation by saying “I’d bet my life on it,” which was good enough for the rest of the staff. That’s not the reason he’s no longer working here, but thinking Journey sang possibly the worst rock song ever should be a fireable offense.

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