Doug and the blogathon

You know, Rich has said what his plans are for the blogathon and I have promised live video during which I can give a shout out to someone you love. Think of it as a low-key version of people getting their messages posted on scoreboards during ball games. We haven’t heard anything from Doug. Since he’s immersed in code world and only speaking programmereze, I’ll let you in on what he decided last night. Since his time slot is 3 a.m. until 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, he’s going to blog naked. Or not. We thought about leaving it up to you and letting you endorse blogging nude by giving us three more sponsorships. But, maybe you’d prefer he NOT be nude and you’re willing to sponsor to avoid looking at his programmer’s tan. So, sponsor us right now and leave me a comment here. What’ll it be? If you don’t speak up, you never know what impulse control deficit Doug will do.

Update: Based on the comments so far, naked Doug has become a threat to your vision and mental health. Two more sponsors in the next 24 hours or Doug blogs naked.
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4 thoughts on “Doug and the blogathon

  1. I’m not handing the reigns over at 3am to a naked guy. A naked girl, maybe. Or I could be naked in the bathtub, who knows?

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