Dear Sarah

I am not sorry that you had to have a check-up today. I’m also not a horrible mother who wouldn’t let them give you shots if I really loved you. When you had your baby shots, I cried before, during and after that needle invaded your skin. As you got older, I joked and distracted you while I tensed and hid my pain. Today, I felt as terrible as the things you said to me, but I would (and will) do it again. I love you and know that a moment of pain and a few days of discomfort is better than a disease that can take your life. Yes, I am aware that you think you are invincible and know everything. That’s okay. I’ll keep my distance while you do stupid things and suffer the consequences. Sometimes, I’m going to laugh at you. When you are mature enough to laugh at yourself, you’ll understand. I won’t sit back and ignore your safety though. I’m not your best friend. I’m your mother. I love you even when you hate me.


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