soooo hot

I blog about the speed at which my fingernails grow, but I neglected to update the status of our hot as Hades house. The a/c man thinks we got hit by lightning that fried our system. It is way too far gone to repair. We need a completely new system. Homeowners agreed to pay the cost above and beyond our absurdly large deductible, which brings the cost down to about a fourth of the replacement cost. So, now we have a request in to the repair dude for paperwork to give insurance that we will hand deliver and get an estimate on wait time for a check. After we get the check, we hand deliver it to repair dude who will then order the new system. Then, we wait for the system and wait to have it installed. We’re looking at a MINIMUM of a week until we have air again. I keep hearing “two weeks” ringing in my head. They’re going to replace the unit inside and outside of the house and that sounds a little ominous to me. Will they be punching holes in walls? Will we need to move into a hotel for several days? Will we have air for our anniversary so that we can hug each other without saying, “eww, you smell”? The most important question is, will we have air before we have a heat stroke?

2 thoughts on “soooo hot

  1. I feel for you guys. Two summers ago, we lost our a/c in August. We had to go to wall units because the guy that put the unit in said it was new. Let’s just say it wasn’t and the warranty didn’t exist.
    Yeah, I got scammed.
    It was miserable.
    You guys seem to be maintaining your sense of humor though.
    Sending good wishes from the west side of the state.

  2. looking for a place to find out weather patterns for south deep south louisiana. it is 100 degrees in the shade, so I am not venturing out into the son. I have a small studio out side with a small unit and thank GOD for that. When our air went out , the walls on the house were sizziling, and opening up all the windows only may it feel like a convention oven and we were all little pancakes to poach in the prickly heat. There is no such thing as a “coldwater” bath, and eating anything hotter than what comes out of a toaster will scortch the throat. When the humity starts to rise, the atmosphere turns into a wet warm blanket and wraps around your sweaty sticky stinky body and ends making you walk as if you are walking through muck. Watch, to break the heat, an electrical storm will occur We will all head for the closets and hopefully when the stom is over we will be able to wear cloths again.

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