if you can’t beat em, join em

chalkboardI don’t know why, but the door to the closet in the living room has always looked like the perfect place for art and letters to my children. Every time Evan finds a writing implement, he aims for that door. I have magic erasered crayon, pen, pencil, marker and eye liner off that door. Finally, I decided we were fighting a losing battle. I told Doug I wanted the door painted in chalkboard paint. Yes, I broke my “no new home improvement projects until you finish one of the incomplete ones” rule. Doug spent a grand total of fifteen minutes painting the door and I love it! This picture shows the backpacks and piles of clothes ready for the morning chaos. Now I need to work in some shelves to get the children’s clothes and bags off of the dirty floor.

The children reacted to the door.
Amy: “Evan drew on the new door. He’s a bad boy.”
Tommy: “Evan did it again Mom.”
Noah: “Hey, that’s cool. Can I have one in my room?”
Sarah: “Whose idea was that?”

4 thoughts on “if you can’t beat em, join em

  1. I love it. We were going to set up a wall with chalkboard paint on it in the (very small) playroom, but I needed the wall space for a bookcase and a shelf unit.

    When buying our new fridge they advertise that you can get one with a chalkboard front. I had to laugh. Remember what greasy little hands do to chalkboard paint? (S’ok for doors and walls, but a fridge door? That’s just crazy talk!)

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