camera envy

I love the tagline on this blog. The dirty little secret about cameras is that they are gateway drugs. Once you get started, you need more and more pixels to get that photo high. The camera that I loved and adored two years ago has a motor that has slowed down so much I weep at the poor quality of results now and I know it’s a matter of time before it croaks completely, leaving me hobby-less. My only goal at this point is to borrow a camera which allows me to get one decent picture of Sarah on the football field at halftime this season. I would work the little league circuit “team photographs” in exchange for the loan of a good camera for a weekend. I bet I would use a new camera more than Doug would use a laptop for work.

One thought on “camera envy

  1. Thanks! I’m sorry that your camera is having trouble – it’s a Canon, right? My old gimpy camera is a Canon, and I very much loved and adored it when I got it three years ago. I hope that a new camera comes your way soon.

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