Isn’t everyone naked on the Internet?

When I saw this picture a few days ago, I didn’t toss High School Musical into the trash. Miss Zoot asks parents if they have advised their teens that every picture taken can and will someday be on the Internet. Doug and I have. Repeatedly. Of course, my children are well aware of the speed a naked picture travels. “EVERYONE I know has seen the picture of YOU naked Mom.” I’m fine with that. I’m an adult. I wasn’t doing anything wrong when that picture was taken. I’m not ashamed of it. I laughed when it was taken and it’s such a silly picture that I’m confident it has made other people laugh. It’s been viewed more than 6 thousand times, so I don’t need to link to it. You’ve already seen it. It’s no big deal. Neither is the harmless picture of the very beautiful teen starlet. It was a reckless decision to take that photo, but she knew the risk. Not only do I doubt claims that she had no idea it could become public, I don’t think it will make her career any better or worse than it was ever destined to be. She won’t be working with Disney any more though.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t everyone naked on the Internet?

  1. It isn’t the picture that will cause her trouble, it’s the knee-jerk reactions from folks. I find it hilarious what people can get offended by.

    And notice that Paris Hilton shared a LOT more than just a picture, and dare we say she is as popular as ever?

    That said, I doubt Ms. Hudgens had in mind a publicity stunt. She doesn’t need any more publicity, if she just plays her cards right she’s got it made. But she’s also a kid, and perhaps impulsive, and this kind of thing goes with the territory sometimes.

  2. It all comes down to Disney’s image. While Lohan’s gotten herself into several messes so far, as far as I know she hasn’t lifted a skirt or opened a blouse for the camera (yet). That seems to be the big DO NOT CROSS line for Disney. So long, HSM chick – we hardly knew ye *sniff*.

  3. Lohan’s love for hard drinking and cocaine is legendary, at least on the internet (they don’t call her “Blohan” for nothing).

    So far, between the two, Vanessa is a saint.

  4. Carmen likes to post pictures where my balls are showing on the internet. They are never intentional nudes, but more than people needed to see regardless.

    Luckily, people focus on the baby asleep in my arms and not the testes hanging out of my boxers.

  5. When Amy was born, Doug went home and e-mailed a bunch of pictures to everyone in his address book. When I got home from the hospital and saw them, I pointed out the “exposure” in one of the seconds after birth pictures. After Evan was born, I checked the pictures in the camera before Doug went home to send them out. I had no control over his live-blogging and flickr-ing the labor and birth, but he was more aware of what angle he took the pictures from that time.

  6. Ask yourself this–if she were not a “star” of a Disney Channel movie, would this be as big a story or a story at all?

    Probably not.

    She’s young and she didn’t think something through. She didnt’ use good judgement. I think this is a huge opportunity for parents to teach their kids about the dangers of how something you do now can affect your life years later and you should think it through. And it sounds like, to me, that is what your family is doing…or has done.

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