7 thoughts on “lesser of two evils

  1. I sort of agree with you, but then again, I don’t. I know and agree with what you are feeling, but at the same time can’t help but wonder if you are not trying to punish Mary Winkler for being an abused wife.

  2. I do question if she had other options and how much of what she is saying is true. She had enough freedom to create a financial mess and make multiple attempts to cover it up. That implies enough freedom to take the children for a checkup or to the grocery and never return. I don’t doubt that she was abused. I don’t doubt that he probably learned to be an abuser somewhere.

  3. When it comes to abuse cases it is a difficult thing for anybody on the outside to really understand, which is why I said I do sort of agree with you.

    I will disagree though with the she took the kids to the store, she was free enough to just walk away and never return. There is more than enough documentation of women who believe that this is NOT a viable option, and don’t leave because of the fear of being hunted down, so they stay out of fear anyway.

    It is something that any reasonable person would do, but most abused women are not reasonable in their fears.

    All this I guess to say, I just don’t know.

  4. It is her damaged soul and the choices it causes her to make that makes me think she needs a lot more therapy before she regains custody of her children.

  5. I’ve been an abused wife. It drives you to do drastic things. But I do have to say that, while a gun was available, I didn’t get to that particular snapping point.

    And if that many people KNEW she was being abused, why didn’t anyone bother to step up and help her BEFORE it got to that? Sheesh.

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