Bill Maher is a BOOB

just like a woman
I’ve been triple dog dared to give my reaction to some B-list celebrity comparing breastfeeding to masturbation. He says women who breastfeed in public are lazy and exhibitionists. Did this celebrity fail anatomy 101? Does he consider those plastic balloons at the Playboy Mansion the same as real, working breasts? How inflated is the ego of this middle-aged, single man to think that women who don’t like him are bimbos?

I’ve seen more breasts exposed by wife-beater wearing men in the south than by any woman breastfeeding. Women’s breasts are naturally designed for feeding infants. People made them into surgically enhanced objects of obsession. There is absolutely nothing “sexual” about breastfeeding. Any parent will half-jokingly declare that sex ENDS when the baby is born. The never-ending war in the Middle East is not the fault of women who care that all children be healthy.

I have nursed my babies while pushing a grocery cart through the store. I have nursed in churches, malls, restaurants, playgrounds and schools. I did it because my baby was hungry. When you have a child, THEY become the center of your universe. I’ve never heard a woman commenting on all the attention she personally gets since becoming a mother, but I have heard plenty of observations about how a mother’s needs, interests and activities become non-existent and unimportant when they have a new baby. We do it because it’s the best we can do for our children, not because we enjoy being scowled at and complained about in the media.

As long as there are children on this tiny planet suffering from malnutrition, diseases and obesity, nutrition MUST be a source for activism. Good nutrition begins at birth with breastfeeding. Anyone who thinks the health of our children is a dirty joke is only fooling himself about his intelligence level.Love

4 thoughts on “Bill Maher is a BOOB

  1. THAT IS WONDERFUL!!! It’s not about a woman’s right to whip it out – but her baby’s right to eat. People who disregard Breastfeeding as disgusting or something of the past are uninformed, selfish, and typically don’t even have children!

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