this house? on tv?

I’m a woman who blogs. I’m a Mommy blogger. It’s not a secret that I write details about my family’s life and feelings on the Internet. After the first half a dozen “I found your blog” phone calls, it no longer phases me when I get those calls. Once your children find your blog, there’s pretty much no more hiding it. This doesn’t mean I’m not still annoyed that someone called my parents and asked if they had seen the naked pictures of me yet. As comfortable as I am with my blog, I am extremely uncomfortable with the condition of my house. Although it is in much better shape than it was when I moved in, it is still a cross between Ma and Pa Kettle’s house and the Money Pit house just after the demolition team. I joke about the house and post pictures of various “projects” but it drives me crazy. So, when someone wants to take a picture of me in my “blogging environment” I get nervous. Having a moat around the house an unfinished French drain and a giant hole in the living room wall gives me something to blog about, but in person, it is pretty horrible. So, if you happen to see Style one day next week and see the beautiful home of Dr. Helen, please don’t complain that my home looks like a Jeff Foxworthy joke because of all the time I waste blogging. The unfinished renovations are beyond my skill set. If anyone wants to tackle one of our projects and blog about their experiences, I’ll make some sweet tea and the children are always entertaining to watch. I’ll keep Doug out of your hair. Somehow. It might involve maramalade.

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