glass half full

While Doug wallows in self-pity over blown up van tires, he neglected to sing about two things that made us smile today. First, Sarah’s phone that has been missing for several weeks has been found. It was found under the bed in the hotel where Sarah slept during a band competition. It was found by a guest, which means the cleaning staff NEVER cleans under the beds. Hooray for honest people who go the extra mile to find out who owns a phone instead of keeping or tossing it. The second unexpected joy was the High School’s after graduation party planners have agreed to set-up a LAN area for all the gamers who are graduating in May. This makes me happy, happy, happy. LAN Club has been Tommy’s only club or activity during his entire school career. It has brought him joy and allowed him to interact with NT peers. Tommy won’t go to Prom and he wouldn’t have gone to the graduation party, but with a LAN area . . . he will be excited about attending a school event. Now, I need to figure out how the family will celebrate Tommy’s achievement. Thinking . . .

Since everything happens in threes, I know there’s another good thing coming. I’m going to focus on that instead of getting an early start on the Christmas problems.

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