Maybe there’s a pea under the mattress

I have a cold. I am tah-red. I just want to go to bed, but I’m a little bit afraid. No, I’m not afraid because tomorrow is the first day of NaBloPoMo. My concern is how I will awaken in the morning. Will my neck or shoulder be stiff and sore? Possibly. When that happens, I just attribute it to sleeping in a strange position. What I can’t explain are the mysterious bruises of unknown sources, heretofore known as BOUS’s. The BOUS’s must come from injuries in my dreams. I should be careful what I watch on tv before bed each night. Either that or I live in Disney world. This morning? This morning I woke up and my toe was bleeding. I have absolutely no explanation for that one. My blanket is just not that scratchy. I didn’t dream I was Charlie Brown. How can I relax and sleep tonight? Maybe I should just stay awake all night and rescue the children from some of their Halloween sugar. Maybe Doug needs to protect me in my dreams.

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