How to eat Halloween candy:

Tommy – Play WoW with one hand and use other hand to keep a steady flow of sugar input for ultimate gaming (or just pointlessly swimming around islands). Wrappers are piled proudly on desk. “I’m just not hungry for dinner.”
Sarah – Candy vanishes into room and is eaten in secret. Piles of wrappers are hidden under mountain of dirty laundry.”Why don’t I have any clean jeans?”
Noah – Candy is his constant companion, everywhere he goes. He can be found by following the trail of wrappers carelessly dropped everywhere. “Candy? What candy? Oh, that candy.”
Amy – Asks for her bag. If no, then much whining. If no adult available, scales the fridge like a monkey and gets bag herself. Sifts in bag forever, reading every label. “This one says toots. Get it? Toots?” Chooses candy. Eats while giving a color commentary. “Slightly minty.” Puts empty wrappers back in her bag.
Evan – Stands at base of fridge pointing and screaming “Kan-eee!” He is handed a few pieces. He hands them back one at a time. “Hep!” Each piece is tasted first. Then, it is tossed to the floor or devoured with multi-colored drool pouring from his mouth. A few seconds later he begins howling “Mo! Mo!”

Doug – Walks in kitchen every hour for coffee refill. Grabs a fistful of candy from Amy or Evan’s bags. Returns to his dungeon. Based on placement of crumpled wrappers everywhere around but never inside of his trashcan, he should never play basketball professionally.

2 thoughts on “How to eat Halloween candy:

  1. I’m all about efficiency when consuming sugary products, I then get hit by a huge insulin spike and feel rotten for the rest of the day, but frankly the sugar rush is worth it…

  2. That was so beautifully done, your description each person’s way with candy. It was so real! They became real for a second, or I fancied it so, felt it so. I enjoyed the subject (funny how you miss the multicolored drool, later) but I also enjoy such good writing I wanted to comment on that side of it. 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed everything here so much! Essie

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