random tv junkie thoughts

Without the Stewart/Colbert hour, will college students everywhere stop following politics?

Without the Stewart/Colbert hour, will we have more or less “couple” time?

Will the strike end in time to let Scrubs go out in style?

Are the writers walking the lines or paying their “people” to do it?

Why won’t Comcast put more than one episode of Max & Ruby on demand?

You know, it’s television, not fine art. I can do laundry, bathe children and wash dishes while following what is happening on the television. I enjoy television for what it is. Entertainment. If I really like something, I’ll sing it’s praises. If not, I probably won’t say anything. If you dislike something on television, change the channel or turn it off. Don’t take away our fun by nitpicking everything that’s wrong with it. Critics are unpleasant creatures. Don’t be a critic. Be a fan. Find something you like and enjoy.

Note to writers: Most people don’t get “residuals” on their work. They work hard and other people make money from their efforts. Talk to programmers, grant writers, teachers, etc. etc.

One thought on “random tv junkie thoughts

  1. I have a feeling this strike will truncate the final season of Scrubs. It is already threatening to end Heroes in December (which woudl be a mercy killing)

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