Criminals are stew-pid.

This morning we left our neighborhood and immediately recognized the sight of the bank parking lot with several police cars as the scene of a recent robbery. Less than a half an hour earlier, someone robbed the bank that has been robbed repeatedly in the past several years. It’s not just the nearby bank that is being targeted. Banks everywhere are being robbed with what seems to be increasing frequency. I would like to know how stupid you have to be to rob a bank. No, I don’t mean to use the word desperate. I understand desperation far better than I would like to clarify. I mean, bone-headed ignorant. Banks are heavily monitored by cameras that actually work. A friend who used to work at a bank, said that robbers get less than 3,000. dollars. Sometimes, far less. The serial numbers are all tracked and it is highly likely that you are going to get a dye pack. Most business transactions these days are not cash anyway. Money is virtual. The police know you are robbing the bank before you have even had the time to hand over your note. Once you drive away, the police don’t even have any hard work to do to find you. Your neighbors, family and friends will turn you in to the police. Always. It’s only been a few years since we lived next door to one of these morons who thought he could rob a bank and get away with it. Every single person in the neighborhood reported him when his picture was released by the police. We spoke to the FBI multiple times. “The bank robber is at home right now. He’s high and threatening to kill his family.” Their response? “We’re busy. Call someone else.” In the end, he lost his home, his family, his job and his freedom. You know who’s lower in the gene pool than bank robbers? Carjackers who can’t drive a stick shift.

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