I’m not texting, I’m helping

Even though Doug works from home, he is usually just the unseen chupacabra of the basement dungeon. Maybe he’s better described as the dungeon Bigfoot. No, he’s more of a gargoyle. Regardless of what metaphor I should use, Doug stays hunched over his computer with earplugs to block out the computer’s hum while incense burns and music plays to create his “programming” mood. Yes, programmers are odd characters. If I want to talk to him, I IM him. IM helps us coordinate meals, the children’s taxi service and even when we might both be in the same place at the same time. We don’t just IM each other. I use IM to pester the brother who won’t tell me if I’m going to have a new niece or a new nephew just after Christmas. I use IM to drag the children away from their computers. “In five minutes you will be disconnected. Go outside and breathe fresh air.” I use IM to coordinate holiday schedules. In IM, you can’t hear Evan roaring monster noises while throwing blocks. IM is my friend. Do you use MSN IM? Choose one of the listed charities and let your IM messages do more. I chose the American Red Cross. What did YOU choose?

4 thoughts on “I’m not texting, I’m helping

  1. Saw you and Katie on Style today! Felt like it was one of my friends on there. What is this Eastern TN bloggers meetup you speak of?

    I chose Boys and Girls clubs of America, BTW

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