pick, pick, pick at it

I need lip injections and hair extensions more than Britney. I promise, they filmed for half an hour and I talked about a LOT of things other than breastfeeding. Also, I had much cooler music playing in the background, but they wanted to use their own. “Please turn off the Beatles.” Did you see how clean Dr. Helen‘s workspace is compared to mine? Even Katie‘s news studio looks more organized than my table. At least they didn’t show the hole in the wall. I think the very best thing was my phone ringing at 4:10 today when I had forgotten to turn on the television.

“I just saw you on television! And your baby and your dog and your GREEN kitchen.”

I hope one of HGTV‘s makeover crews was watching.

6 thoughts on “pick, pick, pick at it

  1. I say this with all the love in my heart, sweetie … but you’re full of $hit. You looked mah-velous! AND you were very articulate and thoughtful, and able to put together a complete thought!


  2. Seriously, this is the thought that went through my head during your first shot:
    “Wow, her desk space is really clean. I wonder if she had to clean really hard beforehand or if it’s always like that. Man, I’m glad they don’t come film me at MY desk!”

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