Won’t think? Don’t vote

I am still sick and my mood is less than pleasant. Instead of describing my physical woes, I think I’ll annoy everyone with political thoughts. It’s the last few days of NaBloPoMo and everyone participating is getting a bit surly anyway. Yesterday afternoon, Newscoma (if we’re not related, we should be) posted concerns over some celebrity endorsements of politicians.

“The upcoming presidential race is not about the battle of the divas, but about getting people who don’t traditionally vote to go to the polls for a president with a big fancy (D) next to their name.”

I admitted in her comments that I’ve stopped caring about getting the people who don’t and won’t vote to visit the polls. I think that going to the polls and voting for the person who spent the most on commercials or the person somebody else told you to choose is worse than not voting at all. Today, Newscoma elaborated more on her thoughts and linked to Dork Nation (love that title).

“It is likely that Winfrey helps Obama by bringing out the dead.”

I don’t want the dead voting any more than I want the local Republican Women’s Club “helping” everyone in nursing homes to vote. If you can’t or won’t think for yourself, don’t vote. This next link is a leap off-topic, so let me explain. This is a quote from an article about an upcoming movie that I really want to go see and the uproar surrounding the movie. It is not a quote about politics. It is a quote that I want you to apply to politics.

“The books show a decided preference for knowledge over blind faith, questioning over childish acceptance of what you’re taught, adulthood over childhood, awareness over naïve innocence and kinship with all of humanity over feeling more important than than others because of your religion.”

Stop dragging people to the polls who just don’t care. The result is representation by politicians who don’t represent anyone but themselves.

2 thoughts on “Won’t think? Don’t vote

  1. Yes! Exactly.

    I’m sick of the 5% of the people who are represented by special interest groups benefitting from every election.

    Don’t get me started on the whole electoral college / primary thing, which is so outdated as to be ridiculous. If a really awesome candidate doesn’t do well in the first three primaries, they drop out, because THEIR special interest groups don’t want to spend millions on someone that may not get elected.

    Wouldn’t all that TV ad money be better used elsewhere? Our schools, perhaps?

  2. I think the dead should vote. Who else can pick a candidate who is for gravesite rights and maintaining ordinances to “keep the peace?”

    They would be the single largest voting block.

    Now, the UNdead… they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Can you think how long the lines would back up waiting for the Zombies to figure out a butterfly ballot?

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