coming out of the fog

I’m wearing real clothes instead of jammies today! My nose is red and the skin is peeling off, but I can breathe through one side. It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest, but I have the energy to do more than sit on the couch. Food has flavor again and it doesn’t mix with the mucus and get rejected by my body. I’m even planning to venture out of the house thanks to a guilt attack from the female teenager. “I got my mid-terms today and I have straight A’s. Am I worthy of a trip to the dollar store for craft supplies?’

Things I learned while sick:
1. Lifetime Network plays “Beauty Shop” over and over again.
2. No matter how sick I am, the toddler is still my responsibility.
3. When I die, my family will stop wearing clean clothes.
4. My dog loves me more than anyone else in the house loves me.
5. There should be a “tylenol happy” for the crabbiness of sickness.

3 thoughts on “coming out of the fog

  1. I’m good for 20 loads for laundry for your family should something happen to you. Nude 2 years olds are very different than nude 38 year olds. hehe

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