putting holes in my baby’s ears

Since I want to keep my worst mother ever award, I’ve agreed to let Sarah go with all of her friends to get their ear cartilage pierced. It’s not the extra ear piercings that bother me. It’s the addictive nature of piercings. It’s her ears though, so my only dog in this fight is hygiene. I want her to go to a tattoo and body art studio. They have strict rules about keeping their equipment clean. She thinks that’s overkill. “People get ears pierced at the mall.” One of my many summer jobs as a teenager was at Spencer’s gifts. Their idea of clean was a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Until we reach a compromise, no piercing.

3 thoughts on “putting holes in my baby’s ears

  1. I agree. Take her to Saint Tattoo on Broadway. They have the only studio in Knoxville that meets industry standards(separate piercing room, separate sterilization room, etc.).

    I dig your blog by the way and would like to speak with you a bit more extensively considering the rights and education of those with autism. I’ve worked within Knox County for 6 years and would love to have an open discussion considering your experiences.

  2. Um, Sarah… your mom *wants* you to go to a tattoo shop. Your friends probably aren’t *allowed* to go to a tattoo shop. You are fighting the wrong fight here.

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