Local Blogger Holiday Wish List

If I could wave a magic Christmas wand, I would like to give:

Julie & Tony all the love and kindness that they have given to others.
a bigger house for the big heart of Appalachistan to fill.
AT, Rich & LissaKay a happily ever after.
a bottomless well of funding to help schools for Netmom.
Barry a full-time theater and music gig.
a private lane at the pool to Michael.
Katie & Jon a spot on next year’s home tour.
a pumpkin patch to Jed.
Joe to get this job.
the deed to Cadillac’s for Newscoma.

and for every blogger in Tennessee to remember that we are more alike than we are different.

8 thoughts on “Local Blogger Holiday Wish List

  1. I am mystified. How do you manage to post so frequently? Are there three or you, or more, or do you have clones helping you out?

  2. cool gift!! i too wish i would land such a job. of course, if i did, it would not be such lame sappy tripe as is now available. it would be something people would actually like to read!

    merry christmas to you and your family!

  3. Jed’s discount pumpkin shack, come on down folks we are having a blow-out sale (sound and/or video of a pumpkin exploding with a quarter stick of dynamite). Here at Jed’s we will not ever make matters worse by selling you a lesser quality pumpkin for higher prices like those other guys. Here at Jed’s pumpkin shack we can laser cut your pumpkin to look like anyone you wish for a nominal fee. Don’t even think of buying one at the grocery store from one of them Mexican picked and packed totes they have out, buy domestic from a good old boy right here in Tennessee!

    Thanks for the notoriety here! Ms. Cathy you just rock!

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