We are our own worst enemy

Yes. I mean that exactly the way it reads. Parents of special needs children are their own worst enemies. You are not allowed to be upset or unhappy. You are expected to remain calm and composed at all times. If you do not, you are moody or depressed. Be careful that you do not look too happy either. In that case you are out of touch or over-medicated. It doesn’t matter if you have just been handed test results. You are not allowed an emotional reaction. You must instantly interpret and apply the data. Having a bad day? You must be self absorbed. Running late or forget one of the ten thousand things you must do daily? You are overwhelmed and unable to cope. Frustrated at the constant obstacles? You are snippy or you have a bad attitude. Do you disagree with teachers, staff or other professionals about your child? You are an uncooperative parent and you are going to be excluded from future decisions that impact your own child. You are under a microscope and your every action is being judged for appropriate gratitude, proper modesty and respectful obedience. You must always remember that everything your child does is ultimately your fault.

Or not.

3 thoughts on “We are our own worst enemy

  1. Oh dear, not a happy bunny then?

    Tell you what, the longest time ago I would be herding cats, sorry children, out of the park amid screams with everyone watching my crappiness, as I chased this one and carried that one……oh woe…..I knew that everyone hated me.

    Time passes. I see the woman struggling with kiddy winkies in the supermarket, all screams and misery. Occasionally I’ll attempt distraction of one child [only when I’m feeling very brave as I don’t want to interfere] but I’m not condemning that mum, I’m thinking, I am so glad it isn’t me this time and wafting lots of positive energy in her direction. And I expect there are lots of other wafters too, you just can’t see them.
    BEst wishes

  2. Okay, I so relate. I do it to myself too. I feel so bad about what an evil woman I am when I have a mean thought about my disbaled child who has been whining all day. aaahhhh. I am calm, I am relaxed. I am calm, I am relaxed.

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