choosing my battles

One day this week, I found myself at a red light waiting to cross Kingston Pike. In an inexplicably bizarre twist, there was suddenly zero traffic on Kingston Pike. If it had been a four-way stop, I could have easily crossed Kingston Pike and continued on my journey to take the older boys to scouts. Instead, I was stuck at a red light with just one car behind me. The car behind me felt that I should have treated the red light as a four-way stop and scooted on across. I know this because they waited behind me for a moment before they bumped my car with theirs. Tommy lost his composure instantly. “We’re hit! Call the police. The car is gonna be ruined. Dad’s gonna be mad.” I opened my door to walk behind my car and give the other car the mom eyeball and they responded by gunning their engine. The red light in my head told me to get back in the car. A moment later, with Tommy still in the backseat freaking out (“They hit us on purpose!”), I crossed the street and immediately pulled into a heavily lit parking lot. The other car zipped right by me. If Doug had been driving, he would have been at the window of the other car in a millisecond. I am not Doug. I had my children in the car. I knew the car had no significant damage and I was not willing to receive further damage. I know I did what was right for me. I just hope the other driver doesn’t hurt someone with his aggressive disregard for traffic laws. If there had been a traffic camera, it wouldn’t have captured anything that happened. Traffic cameras don’t care about public safety.

5 thoughts on “choosing my battles

  1. Excellent choice! There are too many crazies out there and this one sure sounds like one.

    We’ve been dealing with crazy city traffic here in Norfolk and Virginia Beach since Monday afternoon. We’re leaving for home (Arkansas) in the morning. Percentage wise, there’s probably just as many crazies there, but there’s a lot less people, so there’s less of a chance of coming across one.

  2. Yes, good choice. If the guy was bold enough to bump your car without any provocation, who knows what he would have done if approached. Glad everyone is okay.

  3. Well, gee everybody above me said about all that should be said here… so I will just say ditto to reinforce your satisfaction in a good choice.

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