Can you spell “mahi-mahi”?

Yesterday was the middle school spelling bee. This was Noah’s third time in the school bees. Last year, a flag pole fell on him. This year, he searched the stage for flags before sitting. I wonder how long it will be before the PC Police interfere with spelling bees. Yesterday, the tiny Muslim girl had to spell sausage. The Indian girl spelled Monsoon. Only the pale skinned children got words like burrito and sombrero. The winner was apparent long before the final round. One boy who I would flag as an Aspie sat and shook his head up and down when the speller was correct and immediately began violently shaking a back and forth no as soon as the speller went wrong. When it was his turn at the podium, he wrote the word in invisible ink with his finger as he spelled it aloud. He was impressive. Noah lasted past the first two rounds that eliminated almost all of the participants but went down in fifth place on the word eureka. If only we let him stay up later at night to watch television.

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