2007 Christmas Card

2007 Christmas Card
Recognize everyone?
Tommy is wearing his class ring in honor of his upcoming celebration.
Sarah is wearing a bracelet that she made.
Noah is the only leftie in the family.
Amy is heavily adorned with jewelry.
Evan is the uncooperative hand showing that he will be three next year.

All of the children are smiling. Tommy is reading a book. Sarah fixed her hair for the picture. Noah was eating a cookie. Amy’s mouth kept us all entertained. Evan has several toys in his other hand. The blue fabric is leftovers from when we made the stockings.

7 thoughts on “2007 Christmas Card

  1. Amazing, I’ve never met any of you and I guessed all of these right, without the clues, just from the picture. And, I’m ashamed to say, a variation of this will be stolen for our card next year. Love it!

  2. I got ’em all right, too! I love this picture. I only wish I had enough kids to make this same thing. (Alas, I am NOT going to go there!!! Perhaps some other symbol will work with two kids. A snowman or something. LOL!

  3. Yep, I knew who everyone was…and I don’t even really “know” you guys. 🙂

    But, that is the BEST explanation EVER! I could picture the whole thing.

    I love your family!

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