One of many reasons I love Katie

Katie speaks her mind. In the south, saying that you don’t hurt your children in the name of discipline causes people to foam at the mouth about not “sparing the rod” and God’s will. Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when they slap, smack, swat, tap, spank or whatever they want to call it? They look mad. More than mad. They are royally ticked off at whatever happened and without even a moment’s pause, they pull their arm back and swing it like a bat smacking a baseball. Only it’s not a baseball. It’s a small child. A small child who loves and trusts you. A small child who is then told that they were injured because they deserved it. They deserved to be hurt? Really? I don’t think so. Children need to be shown MORE love. Not less. Do you really want to teach your children that it’s okay to hurt someone when they disappoint you or make a mistake? Do you want your child to feel like they deserve to be hurt by others?

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