the secret rules of life

Tommy has a unique view of the world around him. He translates the actions of others into rules. He has his own set of rules for interacting with his world. We don’t consciously try to decipher his play book. Most of the people in our house have learned how to interact with Tommy. Tommy has learned how to interact with everyone in the family and his immediate social circle. Everyone except Amy. Apparently, five year old girls don’t follow the rules. While Amy seems predictable to the rest of us, she is a constant source of frustration for Tommy. He doesn’t understand her behavior and she doesn’t interact with Tommy according to his rules. Tommy can have long, complicated conversations with adults, but he and Amy can’t go ten minutes without fighting like toddlers. I can never decide if it is pathetically sad or absurdly funny to watch my 5-year-old arguing with my 17-year-old. Maybe the kindergartener needs to attend social skills class with the high school senior when school starts back up in three days.

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  1. Our problem is trying to get others to understand our Apsie kid. (She’s only 7 and I see people beating her down emotionally and mentally on a daily basis. Things that they think are all drama are really the very core of her being. Gah.)

    Any advice?

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