are you wearing a mask?

Doug has a lot of “theories” of the tin-foil hat variety that he knows I ignore. He also has a very accurate grasp of the big picture when it comes to technology and those who use it. Bloggers usually falls under one of three style categories. WYSIWYG bloggers let it all hang out. They blog as themselves and with their own ideas and feelings. When you meet them in public, you recognize them instantly. Filtered bloggers carefully let only specific aspects of their life or personality be seen in their blog. This is the category of most bloggers. You only THINK that you know everything about them. The last group are the cowardly bloggers. They hide behind anonymous to spew vile and hate. They build themselves up by stepping on others.

Doug believes we are now beginning a wave of Steven Colbert bloggers. Bloggers who assume carefully crafted personalities. He explains this theory with his usual prolixious style that leaves you believing but slightly confused. An important phrase to remember when communicating with Doug – “again in English please.” Character bloggers sound colorful and fun at first, but there is a slimy feeling of dishonesty about it that makes me uncomfortable. The rules of the game are changing as it’s being played. Hold on tight.

7 thoughts on “are you wearing a mask?

  1. Is that like the fakers on pregnancy message boards? (I had lead a board such as that once and we had a “rat” in our midst. I always had a bad feeling about her, but when the story began to unfold, it was clear to see she was a fake.)

    I’m one of those let it all hang out bloggers. I figure I’ll never make it to BlogHer or anything anyway. LOL!

  2. Kris – Depends on whether the fakers are there just playing a character or if they are carefully manipulating everyone else on the boards.

    Angie – You’re either a WYSIWYG or a filtered. Only you know which one though.

    BTW – You two both have poultry references in your blog titles. It always takes me a minute to sort which one of you I’m talking to. You both have the a wicked sense of humor.

  3. I think I fall more into the second category…filtered. I am quite familiar with the “this post is too whiney delete immediately” button. But at the same time, I do let alot out there. Dunno.

    Hey, is this my delurking comment? It might be! Umm…hi!

  4. I reckon I’m one of them there WYSIWYG bloggers, since I can’t figure out how to be one of them other un’s. I usually let it all hang out, shirt tail and all. I don’t trust the hide behind the firewall bloggers, but, then again, you really never know who is on the other end of that ip address.

  5. I know I filter some things only for propriety, and I’d hate a patient to find my blog and see my whining about something absurd.

    On the other hand, when the cat blogs, he is truly a WYSIWYG blogger, but since it’s us typing for the cat does that make it a faker? Oh, the duality?!?

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