but it’s the good kind of crazy

Last night, I peeked in the crib at a sleeping Evan and gently rubbed his back to feel it rise and fall. “He’s such a good boy.” A little while later, Evan stirred slightly and I quickly snatched him out of his crib and put him between Doug and I on the bed. I twirled his curls with my finger. “Isn’t he great?” Doug calmly glanced up from his book. “We have GOT to get your mommy on medication son.” I looked at him like he was the insane one and snuggled Evan closer to me to protect him from his bizarre father while Doug explained himself. “Earlier today, wasn’t it you complaining that Evan is possessed? Didn’t you use the words ‘feral’ and ‘evil’ and ‘Tazmanian Devil’?” Umm, I had already forgotten that tirade. That was huge progress for me. Usually it takes me a whole night’s sleep to forget my bad parenting.

4 thoughts on “but it’s the good kind of crazy

  1. Our three year old, Lugnut, is the Tasmanian Devil, over at Cemestos Gardens. He’s also the lovable cuddly one. There must be a connection between those behaviors.

  2. He IS a good boy! He has a lot of energy and is willful … perhaps more so than your other children were at that age, but he is not a “devil child” like some kids. He may need more intense supervision in these early years, and a firmer hand and voice in discipline and guidance, but he is truly a gem of a child.

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