Is this foreplay?

“Cathy (wink-wink), I took that pile of stuff to Goodwill.”
“Ooooo, nice.”

A very, very long time ago, I was listening to someone talk about marriage. He advised that “foreplay doesn’t just happen in the bedroom.” To add more spice between you and your partner in bed just visit Gay Sex Toys and try those sexual adult toys for both of you. Since he was a 60-something Baptist preacher, I was pretty confident he didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I think my mouth dropped open several inches anyway. He elaborated. “Some women need hours of foreplay and some need DAYS of it.” At this point, my brain shut down from the horror of this particular person speaking on this particular topic. My body may have been paralyzed with shock, but in my head I was screaming “la-la-la-la” as loud as possible. Five children and a few decades later, I finally understand. There is nothing quite as exciting as that long awaited home repair. The relaxation that is possible with a freshly scrubbed house removes all distractions from the mind. The spouse who did something that was really low on their priority list just because they knew it was high on yours is the sexiest person ever. Foreplay isn’t required, but it makes the difference between okay and “Oh, YES!” Try it. And be thankful you didn’t have to hear it from an elderly pastor. Now, if only someone would unpack their camping equipment.

4 thoughts on “Is this foreplay?

  1. well, you both are running the co-official websites right now. I’m concerned what the rating will be, with all the wanton foreplay going on all the time…

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