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At the advice of counsel, I retract my statement that Sarah is the “world’s worst babysitter” as stated in my previous post. I might be guilty of a slight exaggeration. It is extremely unlikely that Sarah is the worst babysitter in the entire world and it’s remotely possible that she’s not the worst in this state. I apologize for any emotional damage my statement may have caused Sarah. Sarah has completed the Red Cross babysitting course and I would like to hope that she is capable of babysitting children who are completely potty trained. I’m sure she is a much better babysitter for children who are not siblings and do not spill, break and hide her belongings on a daily basis. I know that she is willing and able to hold an infant in between diaper changes. With this statement, I absolve myself of responsibility for any psychological trauma that I may have caused Sarah by giving her a negative performance review as a babysitter, no matter how much she deserved said negative evaluation. Sarah is responsible for her own therapy debts, but I give her permission to blame me for whatever neurosis she develops during adolescence. Thank you.

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