stupid writer’s strike

I love Jon and Stephen. I watch them whenever it’s a new episode. This has always been the one hour of television that nothing interrupted. No cleaning, no twittering, nothing but funny television. I don’t want to blame the writer’s strike for anything, BUT lately I’ve been getting distracted during the power hour of television. In fact, last night I got so distracted that I don’t even know who the guest was or what they talked about. This may be the only benefit to the writer’s strike, but at least it’s a good one. I’m not sure the good outweighs the bad though. Stephen and Jon are only four nights a week. That leaves three nights to do other things. I have five children. I NEED my four nights of funny. I can live with just three nights of distractions. Bring the writers back NOW!

One thought on “stupid writer’s strike

  1. The writer’s strike is the newest idea these writers have had in years. By the time that they are done most shows will lost a major portion of their viewing audiences. And with the FCC push for conversion to exclusively high priced digital cable next year, I can see the TV industry circling the drain in the near future. I mean, who wants to pay more money for the shows we’ve already seen, with the exception of those people paying for HBO?

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