Grandaddy says:

“I’m having my second eye surgery on Tuesday.”
Me: “Tuesday? What about voting?”
Grandaddy: “Who’s running?”
Me: “You live in the city. You have city council members running. There’s a presidential primary for goodness sake.”
Grandaddy: “Eh. I don’t care about the city council bunch and the presidential candidates are pretty much the same.  I’ll vote in November.”
Me: “WHAT? How do you expect to have a council rep you care about if you don’t vote?”
Grandaddy: “I can’t believe you’re lecturing ME on civics. That’s my job.”
Me: “You never told me it’s important to vote. You just told me WHO to vote for.”
Grandaddy: “Same thing.”
Me: “Sigh.”

No wonder the same Bozos keep getting re-elected.

2 thoughts on “Grandaddy says:

  1. He knows he doesn’t have to worry anymore, he’s inculcated Tommy, so his vote is safe in Tommy’s hands.  It was all a nefarious plot!

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