5 thoughts on “no, that’s not my little girl

  1. Nooooo! Not the curls! I am hereby officially starting a “Save Evan’s Curls” campaign. You should be seeing buttons all over the internet in a few short hours.

    PS ha ha…flowbee

  2. Hi there…I went through the same thing with my first born son…I searched out an older barber, that could actually cut my son’s hair while he wiggled around, got upset, ect. There is also a comb you can buy that will trim his hair neatly. I would suggest either of these as at that age, getting a hair cut is hard on a small one. One last suggestion…while his hair is wet like after a bath, set him on a towel, and sit behind him, with your sissors hidden…comb and trim, and just try to be quick about it while detering his attention with a book or toy. The barber thing worked for me the best. I couldn’t believe how he just kept cutting while my son was not onboard with it…and the cut came out great. Don’t forget to save those curls for his babybook!
    Good luck hon <3

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